Wrongful Dismissal

Have you been a good employee and feel that you have been fired from your job unfairly? We know that the loss of employment can be catastrophic especially if you are the sole source of income provider to your family. As well as the financial burden of losing a job, we understand that being terminated can be emotionally overwhelming and devastating.

In the majority of cases an employer will terminate an employee with some type of notice or with termination pay in lieu of notice. Regardless of your severance package if any, there are various factors a court will consider when determining an appropriate notice period and pay in lieu of notice for a terminated employee that can increase the compensation provided by your employer.

Our team of compassionate and experienced lawyers can provide you with the guidance and strong advocacy to pursue a legal action against your employer to obtain the compensation you deserve.

If you believe you were wrongfully dismissed, I would be more than pleased to discuss any concerns you have about your employment situation. Your initial consultation is free, there are no upfront legal fees and you don’t pay our legal fees unless we get you money.

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