Constructive Dismissal

You have not been officially fired, but your workplace duties have been significantly changed and it feels like your employer is trying to get you to quit your job.  What can you do?  You may be able to claim that you have been constructively dismissed.

Changes that amount to a constructive dismissal include, a demotion, significant change in your job responsibilities, a reduction of your salary, a change in your work hours or relocation of your office.  A constructive dismissal can also occur when an employer harasses or abuses an employee.

An experienced lawyer will be able to determine if you have been constructively dismissed.  Our term of compassionate and experienced lawyers can provide you with the guidance and strong advocacy to pursue a legal action against your employer to obtain the compensation you deserve.

If you believe that you were constructively dismissed, I would be pleased to discuss any concerns that you have about your employment situation.  Your initial consultation is free.  There are no upfront legal fees and you don’t pay our legal fees unless we get you money.

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